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UC Davis Graduate School of Mangement

The UC Davis Graduate School of Management is a top-ranked b-school with 3 MBA programs, a master of professional accountancy degree, and a reputation for entrepreneurship and innovation.

When I joined the team, my role was to take on the online strategy for this robust organization, employ content refinement and redesign the web presence to the amazing things happening on all 3 campuses.

Following a rigorous content and strategy audit, it was clear the new website should have a strong homepage with striking carousels, bold imagery and clear calls to action. However with so many communications goals, it was also determined that each audience section should also have its own dedicated landing page where events could be promoted, important blogs and stories could rise to the top, and relevant stories could easily be told.

Structurally, the new site would be built upon the popular open source CMS, drupal. For implementation, Digital Deployment was the obvious choice. Their optimization knowledge and custom flavor of drupal UI would ultimately to success and organization adoption.

Since the re-design, the website has thrived. Website users are up by 83%, sessions by 79%, and pageviews by 52%. It is the primary touch point for prospective students. And the flexibility of drupal has allowed it to take on 17 microsites as within the GSM footprint. The website is managed by 35 content contributors that span multiple departments.

Additionally, I’m quite pleased with the recognition the site has received:

  • No. 8 on the list of the “ 50 B-School Websites Worth Visiting. ” –
  • CASE District VII Bronze Award of Excellence for Institutional Website

This has been a great project and I’m very excited about future iterations as well.

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